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Turnaround of A.Maier Präzision GmbH

Aktualisiert: 16. Dez. 2020

ASt. Georgen – Accursia Capital's portfolio company A. Maier Präzision was successfully restructured and the insolvency plan procedure was cancelled by the local court in May 2020. Despite the negative impact of the Covid 19 crisis, including the decline in demand due to the drastic shutdown of the automotive industry, A. Maier Präzision was able to continue its successful restructuring. Maier was stabilized in the course of a comprehensive restructuring process. "With the expansion of A. Maier's sales team, which resulted in a broader customer spectrum, and an adjustment of the overall cost structure, the company is now positioned to operate sustainably and profitably," commented Thomas Ostkamp, Managing Director of A. Maier Präzision GmbH. "We see A. Maier Präzision as a now well-structured company that represents a strong asset within our portfolio. After the successful turnaround, we are looking confidently into the future of the company. We assume that we will be able to expand the robust company in the coming years through both organic and inorganic growth. " said Martin Scheiblegger, Chief Executive Officer of Accursia Capital. A. Maier is based in St. Georgen in the Black Forest and is a leading manufacturer of innovative and diversified high-precision technical parts and speedometer needle.

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