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The company was successfully restructured as part of the self-administered insolvency proceedings in 2019 and, despite coronavirus, is once again reporting rising sales.

In April 2022, Accursia acquired the Italian unit Flextroncis srl from the international group Flex ltd as part of its buy&build strategy. The company was renamed Likum srl and integrated into the Accursia Group as a sister company of Likum GmbH in the Black Forest. Likum srl is located in the northern Italian industrial hotspot of Trevisio and is therefore in close proximity to its blue-chip customers.

The company offers a wide range of injection molding solutions and advanced injection molds for customers in the automotive, medical, industrial and consumer electronics sectors. For the automotive industry, LIKUM srl mainly produces lighting solutions, while for medical and industrial solutions, the focus is on housings for injection pens, device housings for coffee machines and marine radar systems.
TranslatedTo respond easily to customer requirements (small and large batch sizes).

The company was integrated into the group structures of the seller, so that extensive carve-out measures were necessary to turn the business unit into an independent company. The carve-out included setting up a new financing structure, rebranding and implementing a new IT infrastructure.

In order to leverage further synergy potential, a uniform strategy is being developed between the two units with the aim of strengthening competitiveness and improving the Group's profitability.

LIKUM is a leading manufacturer of innovative and diversified technical high-precision parts and illuminated pointers. The LIKUM Group includes LIKUM GmbH - LIKUM S.r.l. - LIKUM Quedlinburg GmbH.

In March 2020, the former A. Maier Prazisions GmbH was taken over as part of an insolvency plan. A. Maier Präzisions GmbH was subsequently renamed Likum GmbH. Likum GmbH, based in St. Georgen (Black Forest), is a leading supplier of technical high-precision parts (plastic & plastic-metal connections) and illuminated pointers.

In addition to the most important end market - the automotive sector - the company's products are used in numerous branches of industry, e.g. measuring instruments, telecommunications, medical technology, electronics, etc. Likum has a broad customer portfolio in various industries and is an important single-source supplier for >90% of its customers. With its flexible manufacturing processes, Likum is able to react quickly and easily to customer requirements (small and large batch sizes).

Accursia Capital acquires nokutec Kunststofftechnik,
renamed to LIKUM Quedlinburg
Accursia Capital acquires Flextronics srl
Accursia Capital acquires through LIKUM Group
C-CON Technology GmbH and Misslbeck Kunststoffzentrum GmbH
Accursia Capital acquires LIKUM

Company Information

St. Georgen, Germany

Levada, Italy


St. Georgen, Germany

Quedlinburg, Germany

Treviso, Italy


2020 (DE), 2022 (IT), 2023 (DE), 2024 (D)


~EUR 40m




Plastic Moulding


Multi-component injection moulding up to 4k, toolmaking; products for the sectors: Automotive, consumer goods, electrical engineering, IT sector, medicine, telecommunications and sensor technology


Buy & Build Topics

Establishment of an inorganically growing industry platform for plastic injection molding; active industry consolidation


Expansion of the technology and product range for the customers of the LIKUM Group


Integration into the accounting and controlling system of the LIKUM Group, Implementation of a new financing structure; optimization of cost base


Optimisation of production processes, increase in OEE, leveraging of synergy effects within the LIKUM Group; know-how transfer among the individual subsidiaries

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